Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My perception of art

Human without art is an empty tabernacle. It is not just a posh quotation stolen from the Internet. It is my personal life experience. Before dedicating my life to music, I’ve tried different kinds of fine arts. And before these tries, I felt empty inside.
Art is creation, inspiration, constant development, beauty, dream, etc. You always try to find or create that ideal image you’ve been always dreaming about. Art is a big goal you follow for your whole life.

Afremov and Vaughan, how did they come into the picture?

Back at college, I fell in love with a piece of art for the first time. It was a series of Leonid Afremov’s paintings dedicated to musical theme. Once I came across one of his fine art auctions on Amazon. It was a picture of Stevie Ray Vaughan (a famous American singer and musician) that took my breath away for a while!
  • It was so expressive, and wild!
  • Its vivid amazing colors created a carnival of emotions!
  • It seemed to me that I could hear the melody Stevie played…
On that particular day, I completely understood that I’d like to be that person depicted on Afremov’s canvas - so inspired, enamored and satisfied as Mister Vaughan. Thus, fine arts came into my life.

It is all in your hands!

Painting and music are not the only artistic activities that compose a notion of fine arts. There are all sorts of art forms you may prove yourself in.
  • Calligraphy, the art of fancy lettering.
  • Mosaics, the art when pictures are formed with the tiniest elements (glass, stone, etc.)
  • Photography, the through-the-lens vision of the world and reproduction of its beauty.
  • Sculpture, the creation of forms and shapes of stone, metal, wood or any other material.
  • Theater, the art of live performance, reproduction of real life on stage.
  • Cinema, the art of moving images.
  • Architecture, the art of planning, designing and constructing different physical structures, etc.

The results of all these art forms are available at special fine art auctions. For instance, I have a list of several trustful sites where I usually do my art shopping. Online market is a rendezvous point for an artist and his/her admirer. Among thousands of items appearing in fine art auction results, you may come across that special one that will rock your world!

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